Thursday, December 15, 2016


After three months of learning about communication, I fully understand the importance about communicating and language. Three months of learning about communication was tough and short but I believed that it had made a immerse impact in my future.

I came to understand that three months was certainly not enough to master my writing and communication skills, it required everyday effort. Reading is a huge contributing factor towards better writing skills.

Lesson taught during class weren’t about how to pass the module but about the importance of a life skill.  I am glad to have these lessons before I step out of my comfort zone. It made me realized that it requires a lot of effort to writing a simple thesis. It certainly requires much more effort to write a good report. It is difficult to clasp the skill of writing, practicing is the key. There is no shortcut.

Learning such an ambiguous skill in a few lessons is impossible. Although I had read the materials given for umpteen times, I still could not fully clasp the situation. Large amount of time and effort was needed. However, with the remarks given in every individual report or assignment it helps me to understand where my mistake was.

Realizing that I am not ready to be judge by the society, a strong urge within me up rises. I need to improve on my writing and communicating skill. I need to read more, that the only way of improving. Reading will also give confidence in speaking. Next time will I write a report, I need to improvise a few times before submitting.

I had that communication will play a huge part in my future and is important that I that I start brushing up now.

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